Mark experienced significant trauma during his early years through neglect, physical, emotional and sexual abuse alongside multiple losses and perceived rejections. Mark’s experiences meant that he had difficulties with forming secure attachments. Mark also struggled to regulate his emotions and displayed disruptive behaviours including aggression and sexually harmful behaviours as a result. Mark found it difficult to develop and maintain appropriate peer friendships, lacking the social interaction and communication skills necessary.


Mark was referred to Woodlands as a result of:

  • Experiencing extensive abuse

  • High levels of vulnerability

  • Difficulties in regulating emotions

  • Aggressive behaviour

  • Displaying harmful sexual behaviour

  • Social skills deficits

  • Not attending school/school exclusions

  • Low self-esteem and no sense of identity


Mark’s success at Woodlands:

  • Mark went from requiring “medium” levels of supervision on an initial AIM2* assessment to needing “low” levels of supervision on exit. This indicated an increase in Mark’s overall strengths and self-confidence, a change in his attitudes and beliefs and an increase in his ability to positively manage difficult situations. This subsequently evidenced a significant reduction in his levels of risk.

  • Mark has not repeated any offence behaviours.

  • Psychometric testing initially showed that Mark displayed significantly elevated levels of anger, depression, anxiety and PTSD symptoms including high sexual concerns. Mark over reported his symptoms initially and was reluctant to be honest about his true thoughts and feelings. When Mark completed his final psychometrics prior to leaving Woodlands, it evidenced that Mark was being more honest in the symptoms he was experiencing, and the results suggested that all of his previously elevated areas including sexual concerns, had reduced significantly into the ‘normative range’.

  • Mark had 100% attendance in therapy and education.

  • Achieved seven GCSE’s, including C’s in Maths and PE.

  • Mark worked on developing his social and relationship skills and subsequently made and sustained several appropriate friendships.

  • Moved on to an independent living facility within Woodlands and prepared for moving on by working through our life skills programme. This included Mark taking care of his own health needs, cooking, budgeting and general self-care. Mark was subsequently prepared for moving on to fully independent living.

  • Family therapy was undertaken to improve family relationships, increase protective factors and to prepare for Mark moving back to his hometown.

  • Outreach support was offered to Mark post-placement to support him with the transition from Woodlands back into the community.

  • Mark was consistently supported with keeping and developing links with his hometown and is now attending college full time studying information technology.