Referral Process

Referral Process

Stage one – Information sharing and suitability assessments

It would be our preference that the young person is not made aware of our involvement at this stage. This is to minimise the sense of rejection should the process go no further.

Contact by potential purchaser (Social Worker/Commissioner) to Woodlands.

Information regarding Woodlands sent to enquirer/information regarding young person provided to Woodlands.

If Woodlands was deemed an appropriate placement by enquirer, we would expect an appropriate person from the Local Authority to visit at this stage.

The admission/suitability team consisting of Therapist, Registered Manager and Head Teacher assess referral information to explore suitability and compatibility factors. This includes exploring their previous experiences and current and future needs with regards to health, care, education and therapy. If the young person is felt suitable based on the written information provide, we move on to the next stage.

Stage Two – Visit the young person

A visit by the admission/suitability team would be made to meet the young person in his own surroundings. Parents/care staff/significant others are also seen. This is a strengths-based initial visit to offer information about Woodlands and to explore their strengths, qualities, goals and understanding of a potential placement move.

If it is felt that the young person is suitable based on information and his responses, then we move on to the next stage.

Stage Three – Young person visits us

Young person is invited to see Woodlands including the house which has the vacancy. If all parties agree we then move on to the next stage.

Stage Four – Final compatibility assessments

Woodlands holds a compatibility meeting with the admission team and Directors present. In this meeting an assessment is completed to explore the young person’s motivation, whether Woodlands can meet their needs and a compatibility assessment to assess/prepare for how their move may impact them and others already placed.