Woodlands Ethos

Woodlands Ethos

The model underpinning the therapeutic environment at Woodlands is the Good Lives Model (GLM). This was developed by Ward and Stewart (2003) and focuses on a strengths-based analysis in contrast to the predominantly risk-based approach used previously. It takes into account the environment of the individual and aims to instil knowledge, skills and competencies to implement meaningful and viable alternatives through a good lives plan. It suggests that all behaviour is directed towards achieving certain goals and these are directed by the wish to feel happy and satisfied. The primary goods identified are healthy living and functioning, excellence in play and work, achieving autonomy and self-direction, inner peace, friendship, a sense of belonging, finding meaning and purpose in life, happiness and creativity. Finding ways to secure these goods is the focus of the holistic therapeutic programmes that encompass care, education and therapy.


  1. Woodlands provides outstanding qualitative standards of care. With 24-hour care and support through one to one staffing and the link worker system ensuring a nurturing culture, attention to detail and positive role modelling.

  2. Our team of in-house salaried therapists and clinical psychologist are very much part of the organisation’s fabric. Therapy is integral to the young people’s programmes at Woodlands and evidenced based approaches are utilised by accredited therapists to ensure best practice. Care staff are also involved in the long term therapeutic programmes. This gives a real sense of purpose to their role and makes therapy real and credible for the young people.

  3. Holistic, Therapeutic and Psychological assessments provide input into the best ways of meeting the needs of the young people and their families/support network when appropriate during their programmes, and to measure and evidence outcomes in terms of risk reduction, shift and change. Our excellent clinical consultancy ensures that therapy assessments and treatment approaches are evidence based and up to date.

  4. We have a fantastic full time educational facility that allows us scope to offer superb educational experiences for our young people. They are taught one to one or in small groups to enhance educational stimulation. Our Head Teacher has vision and the determination which makes our school outstanding. The students achieve great educational outcomes in an aspirational environment including qualifications ranging from Entry Level Certification to A Level.

  5. Semi-independent living accommodation and fully supported independence and life skills development programmes to prepare for the transition of leaving care.

  6. Woodlands continues to develop and shape practice, internally and internationally through research and training events. We remain proudly Child Centred and have a simple hierarchical structure. The ethos is ‘can do’ and ‘how do we look to improve the young persons’ lives every day?’