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Welcome to Woodlands

Over the last 23 years we have developed a highly respected establishment that provides a specialised therapeutic environment for our young people.

"5 Excellents"
by Estyn

"Woodlands have been absolutely brilliant.  They have really invested in my young person have seen him through some really tough times and have given him a sense of identity and hope for the future."

Social Worker, 2021

With the limited available of specialised organisations in this field, we recognise there is continuous need to provide the full holistic the package of therapy, education and care services that work hand in hand to improve the futures of the young people.


We truly look at the child’s need and create a bespoke approach to meeting the young people’s needs.

A Welcome from the Director

Darryl Williams


"I started Woodlands 22 years ago, partly because, as a Social Work Manager, I was frustrated at not being able to find an appropriate service to meet the needs of young people that have experienced trauma.  The first house was purchased in December 1998 and the first young person, David, arrived in April 1999. 


In all this time we have grown very slowly, and we won’t get any bigger! as Woodlands is, in some ways, like a really big family, but small enough to care."

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