Qualitative Care is the cornerstone of the service we offer at Woodlands. The young people who live with us need to know that the people who look after them really do care and want them to have the best possible time whilst with us. Nurture is not the most modern of words but is perfect to describe the environment we create for our young people. Many of them will have experienced multiple rejections by adults and organisations prior to coming to Woodlands. They will need time and understanding to trust our care staff. There will be challenges along the way and the demands on our care staff will, at times, be many and challenging. However, the rewards of helping people’s lives are great.

There is no stereotypical type of Woodlands worker but the one trait that they all have in common is the moral purpose that they hold and value – one that communicates that all young people can achieve and thrive in the right environment. We have many graduates working for us, young and old. We also have fantastic care staff who have had few if any formal qualifications but are highly qualified in the “Degree of Life” and sometimes unbeknown to them they have huge amounts of emotional intelligence. If someone is also flexible with a great work ethic and a positive personality then we would welcome them to our team. Such people will thrive when experiencing our fantastic in-house training programme including support to complete the Diploma in Children and Young People.

Our care staff also get involved in the in-house therapy programmes. Staff are trained and overseen by one of our team of therapists. Staff will get to undertake and experience highly specialised work including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. The training is very rewarding work and leads to great job satisfaction.


Our care staff will be working for a small privately owned organisation led by a former social worker. Woodlands is not part of a large parent company or similar. Lines of communication are short and clear. People are important and every child really does matter.

Welcome to Woodlands!

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