Therapeutic services

Woodlands offers the following therapeutic programmes: - See opposite images from our programme


  • 16-week residential comprehensive assessment (a requirement for all boys referred to Woodlands). The assessment will necessarily include input from the care staff, education, our Psychologist and the therapist allocated to work with the boy. Contributions will be sought from the placing authority’s social worker, professionals such as YJS or CAMHS, parents or significant others and of course the young person himself.

  • Therapeutic programmes – up to 3 years.

  • Regular rescoring of psychometrics and risk/vulnerability assessments to measure and evidence outcomes in terms of shift and change.

  • Extensive Life Story work and Life Skills development in preparation for leaving.Comprehensive end of placement report to assess shift with regards to risk/vulnerability levels and psychological factors alongside highlighting work completed throughout their programmes.

  • Post-custodial sentence programmes.

  • Relapse prevention/moving on programmes.

  • Foster care and parent training.

  • Outreach post-placement support.

  • External clinical therapeutic consultancy.

  • Our ratio of therapists to young people is possibly, the best in the country.

  • Additionally, our Psychologist and therapists are all salaried in house staff and not external to the organisation, thereby allowing a genuinely therapeutic milieu to exist.


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