Education - Policies

Woodlands School - Policies

See below a complete list of our school policies.

Access Policy & Procedure

Access Statement

Additional Learning Needs Provision

Anti Bullying Policy

Assemblies – Collective Worship

Assessment Policy

Attendance Policy

Guidance on School Attendance Codes

Behaviour Policy

Complaints Policy (School)

Complaints Leaflet

Complaints Leaflet - Parents

Education – The Curriculum

First Aid Policy

Heath & Safety Policy

Accident/disease recording and reporting guidance

Supporting Learners with healthcare needs

Literacy Policy

Appendix 1 - Analysis of Reading, Spelling and Speaking and Listening Ages January 2019

Appendix 2 – lessons plans, resources, leaning walks, etc.

Appendix 3 - SPaG Marking Policy

Student Literacy Handbook 1

Student Literacy Handbook 2

Lone Worker Policy

Out of School Visits Policy

Pastoral Care Policy

Referral Process

Safeguarding Policy

School Council Policy

School Pay Policy

Sex and Relationships Education Policy

Sickness Policy

Staff Development & Performance Management Policy

Statement of Purpose

Teaching & Learning Policy


Generic Policies

Admission & Discharge of Children/Young People

Complaints Policy (Woodlands)

Computer, Internet, Emails, Social Media and Group Messaging Policy

Fire Safety Policy

Fire Safety: Risk Assessment Office and School

Free Speech Policy

Fundraising Policy

Grievance Policy

Internet/Computers Policy

Management of Aggressive and Challenging Behaviour Policy

Outdoor Education – Activities Policy

Personal Relationships and Sexual Health

Prevent Duty Risk Assessment

Sexual Exploitation Safeguarding Policy

Staff Absence