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We can offer the following short courses in core subjects:

Also, we can offer short courses in sports, work-related learning, and personal, social, and emotional development. Many of our students have followed the Personal Development Plan which covers a range of modules from communication to health & well-being to work related learning and expressive arts, and they have achieved certificates for Bronze, Silver & Gold by completing work in school and outside of school during

At Woodlands we offer our students a chance to follow courses designed by ASDAN who provide curriculum programmes and qualifications to help young people develop knowledge and skills for learning, work and life. The programmes and qualifications are widely recognised for providing an engaging curriculum that empowers students through personalised learning and choice. Their courses motivate and enhance student’s confidence, self-esteem, and resilience. In addition, they develop core skills in teamwork, communication, problem solving, research and self-management. 



"I enjoy ASDAN because it is fun. I am able to complete interesting challenges and it supports me to develop my skills for my adult life when I move on from Woodlands.”


Life Skills sessions. This course has encouraged the three areas of Woodlands to come together and collaborate to ensure each individual acquires a vast amount of skills in all areas to prepare them for adult life and their future. 

For the more able learners and post-16 ASDAN offers the Award of Personal Effectiveness (AoPE) and the Certificate of personal effectiveness (CoPE). 

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